Finest Quality DENTAL INSTRUMENTS in whole market.

Short Story of Silver Hawks Industry. 

We start manufacturing of dental instruments in earlier 90's for local market, after that we (Silver Hawks) is the Growing Dental instruments Manufacturing and Exporting Company established in 1999, now become leading Quality Dental Instruments Manufacturing Company with its Commitments to Excellence. We believe that our first responsibility is to the Doctors, Nurses and Patients, to Mothers and Fathers and all those who use our Instruments. In meeting their needs every thing we do must be of High Quality. Having genuine passion of manufacturing precise dental instruments, we have traveled almost a  decade on the road of experience. Our shrewd management, committed and dedicated professionals are elements behind our success story. Standardized manufacturing processes are our main routes to our global recognition. Our skillful workers are make sure that quality is maintained and each and every step of manufacturing. We are also in process of getting Quality Management System ISO-9001 Certification, and that will be another benchmark of our Quality.

Top 5 reasons to business with Silver Hawks Industry?

We are implementing Fair Trade and Ethical Trade policies in our company and are moving towards expanding the scope of these policies to our complete business network, involving every single individual who works with u.

  1. High Quality

    We sell high quality products at cheap prices to maintain the trust of our customers.

  2. Fulfill Promises

    We promise our customers to:

    • Deal with inquiries in a friendly, helpful and courteous manner;
    • Treat everyone equally and without discrimination;
    • Provide accurate and timely information and advice;
    • Treat any information given to us or held by us sensitively and discreetly, respecting any confidentiality;
    • Meet the targets set out in our service standards;
    • Treat any comments and complaints about our services seriously and handle them in a positive way.
  3. Friendly Policies

    We will endeavor to ensure that our products and services provide what is expected at the time of commissioning and that we manage customer expectations effectively throughout the delivery of our services.

  4. On Time Delivery

    We will do everything possible to make sure we make delivery on time!

  5. Easy/Secure Payment Mode

    We accept payment through any easy and secure way like Western Union, PayPal, 2Checkout, Direct Bank Transfer.